Activating dans le Midi

Recently, well a couple of weeks ago now, we went on Holiday to a place called "Six-Four-Les-Plages" on the coast in the South of France. To my delite there was a SOTA summit there F/AM-836 the Fort de Six-Fours which is still in use. There was also close by another site called the "Gros Cerveau" … Continue reading Activating dans le Midi


Les Dames de la Meuse – FL/NO-006

Tuesday afternoon I decided it was time to head off out for a walk with the dog. When I've been in the office all morning working I do like to get out and about for a while in the afternoon/evening when I don't have meetings and visiting to do. It's always the same question, where … Continue reading Les Dames de la Meuse – FL/NO-006